Alessandro Cargiolli In keeping with the cuisine of his home region of Liguria, Chef Alessandro Cargiolli focuses on preparing authentic dishes with fresh seafood and produce. Alessandro has 13 years of culinary expertise, having served as the chef of several restaurants, hotels and private yachts in Italy and Europe. He has also directed culinary educational training courses focused on regional Italian cooking. Cargiolli received his culinary training in Lerici, Italy.
Rolando Ludena

A master at his craft, Rolando Ludena consistently creates the authentic Neapolitan pizza that La Pizza Fresca Ristorante is recognized for. Rolando's tenure at La Pizza Fresca Ristorante has been 5 years.

Massimo Vitino Massimo Vitino, our sommelier from Lombardia, Italy, built our wine program. He carefully assembled an exclusively Italian wine collection of the best producers and wines from the top vintages. Massimo has also developed a selection of excellent quality wines under $50.
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